Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to manually register for this promotion? Why is the registration not automatic?

Participation in ONE TWO FREE® is optional, and therefore manual registration is required.

Will I still earn my standard program Rental Credits or Frequent Traveler Miles/Points in addition to ONE TWO FREE® points?

Yes, you will earn your standard Emerald Club® reward benefits in addition to ONE TWO FREE points on qualifying rentals.

I registered late and did not get credit for a qualifying rental that took place during the promotion. Can I still receive credit for that rental?

Points will be awarded for each qualifying rental made after the date on which you registered and which occurs from August 22, 2019, through February 29, 2020. Credit will not be given for rentals made prior to your registration date. You can call Customer Service at 1-800-962-7070 for questions regarding rentals that occurred before your registration date.

Will I receive credit for a rental that was picked up before the promotion started but returned after?

Points will be awarded for each qualifying rental picked up after the date on which the member registered through February 29, 2020. A qualifying rental is the paid rental, via the Emerald Club®, of a Midsize or larger vehicle at participating National Car Rental® locations in the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, and at participating locations in Latin America or the Caribbean, for a period of two or more consecutive days during the promotion.

If I have more than one rental out at the same time, do I get credit for both rentals?

If the rentals are from the same location, no; you will only get points for one rental. Points will not be awarded for overlapping or multiple rentals from the same location.

I have long-term rentals. Is my 24-day rental treated the same as someone else’s two-day rental?

You will receive 300 points per qualifying rental or 300 points every four consecutive rental days, whichever is greater. For example, a rental lasting two days = 300 points, and a rental lasting eight days = 600 points. A long-term rental of 24 days will receive 1,800 points.

Do I receive credit for rentals that I booked with a Free Rental Day coupon?

You can receive credit for the qualifying paid days portion of your rental. For example, if your 3 day rental included 1 free day with 2 paid days, then you would be eligible to receive credit for the two paid days.

How do I know if I received credit for a past rental?

Points awarded for rentals will appear on the My Activity page when you are logged in to the ONE TWO FREE® promotion site. Please allow up to 5 business days after your rental has been returned for the qualifying transaction to process and the points to be awarded.

What should I do if I am missing credit for a rental that I believe qualified?

If you believe you did not receive credit for a qualifying rental, please call Customer Service at 1-800-962-7070.

Why can’t I see my ONE TWO FREE® Free Rental Days when I log into my Emerald Club® account from the National® website?

Free Rental Days through the ONE TWO FREE promotion are separate from the days you earn through your Emerald Club® account. The promotion’s Free Rental Days are stored on the promotion site. You can access them on the My Activity page.

Where can I see how many Free Rental Days I have?

All of the Free Rental Days that you earn throughout the promotion will appear on the My Activity page when you are logged in to the ONE TWO FREE® site. The system will sort coupons that have been redeemed to the bottom of the list, with new, unused coupons appearing at the top of the list.

How long does it take to receive ONE TWO FREE® points for a rental?

Please allow 5 business days once a qualifying rental has been returned for the points to appear on your promotion site. Once you earn 600 points, a coupon will automatically be generated within 48 hours.

How long does it take to receive my coupons?

Once you reach 600 points earned within the promotion, a coupon will automatically be awarded and displayed on your My Activity page within 48 hours.

How will I receive my Free Rental Day coupons?

Coupons will automatically be generated when you reach a point value of 600 points. Please allow 48 hours for the coupon to appear on your My Activity page within the ONE TWO FREE® promotion site. A notification email will also be sent to the email address you have registered with the promotion.

Will the coupon be the same as a regular Emerald Club® coupon?

The ONE TWO FREE® promotion coupons can be redeemed in the same way as the coupons associated with your Emerald Club account. You will simply apply the coupon code to an upcoming rental to redeem your Free Rental Day. Coupons associated with the ONE TWO FREE promotion will expire at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2020.

How many Free Rental Day coupons can I use at once?

No more than three Free Rental Days may be redeemed toward one rental of three or more days. Unfortunately, we cannot combine this offer with any other discount and cannot apply the offer to a previous or existing reservation.

Can I gift my coupons to someone else?

You cannot gift ONE TWO FREE® Free Rental Days to another user.

Do I receive credit for rentals completed with Enterprise®?

You can receive ONE TWO FREE® bonus points for an Enterprise® neighborhood rental if you qualify for that bonus opportunity. If you qualify, the Enterprise neighborhood bonus opportunity will appear on your Bonus Opportunities page on the promotion website. Other Enterprise rentals, not considered neighborhood bonus opportunity rentals, are not qualifying ONE TWO FREE rentals and will not result in ONE TWO FREE points outside of the bonus opportunity, but will count as a program credit on your Emerald Club® account if you use your Emerald Club number on the rental.

Can I redeem my ONE TWO FREE® Free Rental Day coupons at an Enterprise® location?

ONE TWO FREE promotion coupons can only be redeemed for rentals at National® locations.

Can I earn promotional points or credit in more than one promotion at a time?

You can only earn promotion points through one promotion on a single rental. If you are earning points in the ONE TWO FREE® promotion for a rental, you will not receive points or credit associated with any other promotion on that rental.

How do I redeem a Free Rental Day coupon?

To redeem a Free Rental Day coupon, visit to view your Free Rental Day coupons on the My Activities page and click Redeem. If you would rather make a reservation by phone, call 1-800-328-1234. Please have your coupon ID(s) ready to give the Customer Service Agent.

What happens to Free Rental Day coupons applied to a reservation that I cancelled?

When cancelling a reservation with a coupon applied, please allow up to seven business days for your coupon to reactivate.